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What is ChopChop?


ChopChop Network offers a complete online ordering solution with CRM, inventory management, invoicing & delivery management.

Biggest benefit to the business is that the Network enables their customers order their products online, track it till it is delivered or picked up from location. The business can create invoices for customers which they can track the payments made on it. This is doubles as a cloud POS so that they can take orders from walk-in customers.


Features Version 1

Business Portal


The nerve center of the business. It handles all of the restaurant operations from receiving delivery requests, assigning riders, order tracking and completing deliveries. The customers can track the order from the time they placed it to all the way to delivery with live order tracking.

Business Portal


It acts as a CRM for your business. It shows the customer’s entire order history, delivery locations, and communication history.

Business Portal

Products List

It has product catalogue and inventory management built in. The restaurant can keep track of the product available and disable products that is out of stock.

Business Portal


Receive orders from your customers or create orders yourself. Then process it and assign it to the rider. Track your order till completion.

Business Portal

Order Logs & Note

Track your order all the way to delivery. Once delivered, the driver can receiver's signature and write a note on it. You can track the transactions on order as well.

Business Portal


You can message with one customers or multiple customers. It is sent via SMS & Email which they reply to.

Business Portal


It makes driver & fleet management easy. You can manage your drivers’ profiles, assign vehicles, track the shifts & productivity and track their live location.

Driver App

Organize & Deliver

Each driver has their own login to ChopChop Drivers app available on iOS & Android. This acts as a tool for them to organize deliveries and guide them to the location. This also lets businesses track drivers’ activities. Driver has the option to contact the receiver via SMS or phone call right from the app. The app displays the delivery details and any cash to be collected
That's not all

Discover more Features!

Customer Portal
All customers added by business will receive login information to our customers' portal via SMS & Email. They can create, view & manage their orders.
Order Tracking
Customers & receivers can track their order until completion. The platform support live order tracking & SMS delivery updates.
Payment & Debt Tracking
Track payments on orders & outstanding debt on customers. Each transaction creates an receipt which the business can print.
Basic Accounting
The platform offers basic accounting facility track all income & expenditure. The business can create a Profit & Loss statement.
Marketing Support
We can offer a multi-page website or single-page branded links for businesses to promote to their customers. We handle the web hosting & maintance. Email-hosting is included too.
Every activity, email & message the platform handled between the business and the customer is recorded. Both the business and the customer can see it.

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